The importance of digitalization

It would be ideal, if we could cover all topics of digitalization in any depth. In view of the rapid development caused by the digital transformation, we offer those digital topics that lie indirectly within the 123C maturity model and can be covered with our expertise. This professional spectrum is comprehensive, but clearly delineated.

Digitalization needs the right mindset

Companies face major challenges when they encounter the many levels of digitalization. The “right” mindset must be found and defined across the company in order to be able to meet the challenges individually. We know from years of experience that any strategy that focuses on solving digital challenges means that many areas within the organization must move and change. New ways in customer centricity and data ownership bring new challenges across all departments.

All business units are challenged and at the same time have the opportunity to determine the mindset. Digitalization is a mindset that is strongly associated with change management. To support this setting in its development, we have developed our own 123C maturity model together with a separate scoring card board to determine digital maturity. Both the model and the digital scoring focus on Digital Projects, Service Champion, Anchor Point as well as Comprehensive Resource Management.

Digital projects

For example, we are talking about the website, enterprise resource planning, customer relation management, platform automation, technology stack, data science models and much more.

Digital anchor points

These include 360-degree customer & company engagement, data measurability, general data interactions, customer journey, developments, conversion funneling and much more.

Digital channels

What would digital be without channels and advertising? Nothing! We therefore include search, paid, display, social media, video, content, and email marketing in the maturity determination.

Digital resources

Important to know are the abilities and the amount of technically competent people and teams. It is vital to identify in-house competence versus the need for external consulting & support.

Our framework in digitalization

the importance of digitalization

#let’s meet digitally

We are always happy to enter into fruitful conversations with exciting customers. We understand digitalization as mindset and mindset can only be a matter for the boss. We offer virtual meetings, which can be arranged directly with our 123C Digital Consulting Managing Director, Thomas Apollonio.