Creating digital Impact

We support companies with digital expertise and create long term success. 123C Digital Consulting acts where digital expertise is required. Our Mission: strategy, assessment and capturing the status quo in digitalization for better planning.

Expedition digital transformation

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without a plan no start

Digital maturity is the driver of long term business success. The path of digitalization is associated with numerous challenges for many companies. Planning and starting are the departure into unknown territory. In the consulting business, we call it the “digital transformation expedition”. The experience of the past years shows that the needs within digitalization strategy and processes are similar across industries. Many lack a central strategy combined with a scarcity of resources and a technical deficit in the understanding of processes in the digital environment. We support companies in recognizing and transparently presenting the central needs. This added value helps to implement the start of the expedition successfully.

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to know where you stand

The 123C maturity model is built and developed to address the need for digital expertise in strategy and practice. We conduct a digital “health check” of the company and determine those factors that capture the individual status quo of digitalization transparently. Along with the comprehensive analysis, we shape an entrepreneurially aligned and strategic orientation with a clear focus. The holistic view shows quick wins and provide definition and prioritization on the entrepreneurial roadmap. We develop a comprehensive transformation roadmap and show how digital maturity can be improved.

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Partner for digital maturity

The digital toolbox of 123C Digital Consulting offers numerous possibilities in concrete implementation to bring digital horsepower to the ground. We always develop individual packages for the company, Whereby, besides the development of the digital maturity level on the transformation map, we also capture the operationalization. Concrete playbooks show the way it can be done. The strategic target values enable the measurability needed to make successes visible.

Our approach: Thanks to a pronounced hands on mentality, we deliver the concept, the guide and the proposal for implementation. Full-service package. We act as a digital sparring partner for the company, in partnership on the path to digital maturity.