Our history &

digital roots

Some customers say that 123Consulting was already digitally present and heavily involved in the digital space when Amazon and Google were founded. That's right. We have experienced it all, from the very beginning. That already goes back more than 20 years and has strongly shaped our core as well as development.

What it’s all about

As an owner-managed consulting firm that emerged from one of Austria´s leading digital agencies, 123C stands for a distinct hands-on-mentality, in depth expertise in all digital marketing areas, and absolute independence. We are not selling or delivering prefabricated standard solutions and are not an implementation partner of specific product solutions. We are a digital sparring partner for customers and companies at eye level.

There are multiple ways to work with us. Firstly, our customers can draw on our 123C expertise during an implementation. Secondly, they can also use the results of the process to start implementing  them themselves in existing structures. We support both ways. Our goal (Mission) is that companies (can) navigate successfully and safely through there digititalization journey.

Passion & Understanding

123C Digital Consulting GmbH is part of the 123Consulting world. Our passion lies in the development of digital strategies, drawing of the appropriate digital map as well as an implementation of strong and customized playbooks. Our roots lie strongly in strategic concept creation and performance marketing. With the new consulting unit, we have one clear goal: to sustainably develop the digital maturity of customers and companies.

Our Story: 123 Consulting has been active in the DACH market for more than 15 years and supports well-known companies with professional consulting, integrity and a high level of service quality and commitment.

We know that digitalization poses major challenges for companies and further raises many questions: Which steps must be taken in digitalization? Which ones should be left undone? Which solutions are particularly suitable for customers and companies and (last but not least): Can all digitalization steps fit together at all?

The opportunities are without a doubt massive. Additionally, challenges in the areas of marketing & sales, Marketing automation, CRM, data hubs, display advertising, e-mail marketing, SEA, SEO, website and online shops offer enormous potential to further growth. Convincing customers and winning them over for a company and their products is more important than ever.

Our comprehensive approach makes it possible to identify and tab into new potentials and increase efficiency.

All actions must follow a clear aim, be coordinated with each other, and if possible, also include the offline world activities. Only by doing so companies can ensure holistic, meaningful measurability and include all points of contact.


Solving digital pain points

123C supports B2C and B2B companies solving their digital pain points. Our self-developed digital maturity model enables companies to visualize their existing efforts and to put into context. Based on this, concrete measures can be derived.

The aim is not to measure any kind of “digital readiness”. As 123C, we want to help customers and companies to further develop their digital maturity. This is the “core” of our consulting offer and what we do exceptionally well.

Digital maturity & process

Harald Grabner im Gespräch mit Thomas Apollonio am weißen Schreibtisch im Meetingraum.




The maturity model

We start with the framing process: In this initial step we record what is already being done by the company regarding all digital core areas. Further, we identify which projects, channels and resources are currently implemented and how they are used – because it is vital to identify the depth of the specific implementations and the maturity of them.

Next is the mapping process, in which we draw a digital map together with the company. This is a status quo analysis of the digitalization and focuses on the areas of project planning, channels and resources in relation to each other. Digital value creation, dependencies, and developments are drawn on the map and thus create orientation.

With the playing process, we enter the strategic playground and discuss possible recommendations for action to increase the level of digital maturity together with the company. In this process, 123C develops a strategic proposal for implementing specific measures for the company.

Kerstin Wagner im Meeting




Process & Benefit

Digitalization through and through: This overall process entails engaging workshops and detailed analysis and expert work by 123C´s interdisciplinary team. The benefit for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Transparency, security, and efficiency. With the help of the digital map, decisions for digital applications and products can be made more reliably, wrong decisions can be avoided and the concrete contribution to results of the digitalization steps can be clearly shown.

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